Our History

When the Church ceased to function in 1998 it remained empty for many years. After years of decay, and in the year of 2011, Lenny Balkissoon decided to buy the Church as he wanted to give back the neighborhood their beloved church, although without its original function but by offering something different.

With his background of a dancer and taken into consideration that the name ‘Chassé’ is a dance movement, he envisioned the potential of the building. With respect of the sacred history, he created a warm and hosting building by transforming the Church into Chassé Dance Studios and Chassé Hotel.

By offering dancers from all over the world, from amateur to professional; a place to practice, to teach and to perform in a truly unique environment, is what makes the property special again by giving back to the community.

The former Pastory House has been fully renovated to a hotel with all its special details, as well the nationality of Lenny with influences from Guyana, South America which you will find back in the interior.

Chassé Hotel Residency has opened on the 14th of July, 2023 in Amsterdam Eastside and is once again a fully renovated Church while keeping and restoring the original details. The Residency is a warm and welcoming building and offers an unique feature.

The former Church Hall has been transformed into a beautiful theatre hall. The theatre can be used for many different events such as; performances, weddings, conferences, but also meditation and yoga classes.

The dream and vision where it is possible to express Art through acting, dancing, singing or performing has always been Lenny’s vision. 

A symbolic cultural addition to the community of Amsterdam and its region.